he is growing up so fast!

He now has legs! yay! He is almost ready to start shooting.  I am planning to spend the next week shooting several scenes.  So excited!

Still not sure about this blogging thing.  My photos are so blurry and the format is just… not what I would build myself, but I have committed myself to 3 months and if at that time I am still not satisfied I will close down the blog. After all, the visuals are very important.

Look! he is already playing video games! They grow up so fast!

Today is an iced tea day.

The ground is still sloppy and I am deeply appreciating the boots that were left at the Asbury dump. Thank you anonymous person who’s foot is just a little bit bigger than mine.  There are a couple of places behind the barn that I sunk ankle deep! The horse looked on, amused, while I awkwardly freed myself.

Still trying to get my head around the time change thing.  Having trouble settling into a new schedule. During the summer I try to avoid being outdoors during the sunniest part of the day.  During the winter I want to be outside when the light is the most intense.  So, I have to turn my regular day inside out! What fun!

Still making iced tea in a jar. Ask anyone, it is a staple from spring and throughout summer in my house. When it gets cold I start drinking coffee instead and put the jar in the cabinet until the warmth comes back. Right now, there are ice tea days and then there are coffee days.  Today is an iced tea day.

Trying new things

When most people start a new job they are filled with anxiety. I feel the same, but it isn’t the same. I am excited that I am learning something new and meeting new people, but when others become familiar with their duties and new friends they settle in and get comfortable. Unfortunately, that is when I get bored. That is the reason that I have never held a job longer than 5 years. That looks so bad on a resume, but my resume is far more interesting than most.

I have waited tables, worked in kitchens, run cash registers, stocked shelves, sold art supplies, worked as a figure model, been a receptionist and hostess, was a desk clerk at a hotel, cleaned houses, had a brief experience as a telephone psychic, mowed grass and, something I never thought I would do, been a bookkeeper. I am sure I have left some things out, probably because of embarrassment.

Recently, I was asked to illustrate a book that was written by my friend Rene Orr.  I wish that she had asked me to do this when she was still alive so that we could work together on the project, but that isn’t the way it happened. I began work alone with her unfinished manuscript and her husband’s guidance. As I worked on the storyboard I would have dreams about the project and I saw the characters moving. As a child my dream was to be an animator. Could this be my opportunity to make an animated film? I thought, why not? So, I am now in the process of learning how to animate and this story is going to be my first project.

I have already gone through the realization that I may have bitten off more than I can chew, yet I haven’t given up yet. I will tell anyone that may be interested in trying this that it is tedious and time consuming. My patience is getting a work out, that is for sure.

Notes from the art laboratory