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I don't really have a problem with being busy. I would rather be busy than bored! I have made the time to sit down and write a little. Organize my thoughts to a manageable, concise arrangement.

Steve bought me 5 more blueberry bushes that need to go in the ground. Deer love the new growth, so the further from the house they are the more they will suffer nibbling. They have eaten all of the beans that I planted a few weeks ago. I still have some tomatoes and cucumbers on the vine. I also planted more beans in a safer spot. They have sprouted and should have enough time to produce a nice late harvest. I am still debating planting some cabbage. A few months with no plants to look after could be just the time I need to get some other things done.

Of course, my bookkeeping duties are constant, but now that the taxes are filed things will calm down a little in that department. Now we have to tackle seeding season.

Several paintings are staring at me; They want me to work not just pay them some attention. They are close to being done, so looking and thinking (procrastination?) is a reoccurring stage of a picture's creation; well, at my hand anyway. If they could only know how much I miss them when they are gone.

My animation projects are marching along. I am learning a lot about my organizational skills and patience. Very few people understand the work that goes into a piece of art when they look at it, but that is the beauty of it. Art is not about the object itself. It is about what it evokes. What does it make you think? How does it make you feel? So, I plod on. I will tell my stories and I hope they look effortless.

Right now, I am building scenes and paper dolls. It is like being a kid and making toys to play with. I am a little worried that I am getting a little obsessed. I plan to create shadow boxes with the collages that I am creating for the films.

Every summer I do my best to care for my animals and garden as best I can without having a heart attack or suffering heat stroke. Planting trees and bushes around my garden has helped to keep my plants from being fried. They also have an abundance of flowers for the bees. My tomatoes are doing better this year than they have in years, although I noticed a lot of my blooms went without being pollinated. I am still having problems with squashes. I am going to plant some new plants next week, hoping that fall will provide cooler temps during the time that they will be fruiting. Controlling the natural world so that you can benefit by it is hard work. It is time consuming (Four hours a day is needed to do just the basic upkeep and watering.), dangerous (I have been stung or bitten every time I've stepped outside since April!) and at my age frustrating, because I can see that I am no longer physically capable of doing the things that I used to do easily. The heat and this old body are holding back my ambitions, but when a green fly is chasing you you run. One of the reasons I like being out here alone is that no one is here to see me run or do battle with a green fly armed only with a garden hose.

Why do all of this? Wouldn't it be so much easier to just buy my veggies and eggs at the market? Sure, but until you raise your own you will not experience the process and taste the difference. I will never convince you and, quite frankly, I have better things  to do than try. All I can say is that, for me, it is like making art. I have tried to stop practicing art and gardening, but somehow my life is incomplete without them. They are both my highest forms of meditation. One is my connection with the earth and the other is my jump into the unknown. They give me what I need to tolerate life.

I have accomplished what I came here to do today. Hope you enjoy the little walk through the garden. Until next time!

Ok, so a week or two was a few months ago. I admit that I over estimated my ability to project when I would have a video to share. I am a little amused with myself. Animation studios are not generally a one person operation. I am plodding along, trying my best to tell the story in a visually artistic way. I do not intend to make time my master. Art is more important. It is very important to make the first episodes something that draws people to keep watching. I want everyone to look forward to the next video.

I also have several paintings and and a painting restoration in the works. I will be posting progress on these projects at my FB studio page. Click the facebook link above to see that. While you are there, please like my page so that you can be alerted to my future posts.

I have planted my seeds and have been preparing my garden for all of the vegetables I have planned to grow this year. I should have lima, dragon tongue and purple bush beans in the next few weeks. I have lettuces and zucchini and patty pan squashes started too. I hope that the stink bugs don't get the squashes like they did last year.

It has been an interesting several weeks. The alternator on the truck seized up, the washer would not spin and worst of all, with all the programs that I downloaded to do my animation project my computer would not function. My hard drive was big enough to download the programs, but there was no room to actually run them! Ralph Sanders fixed the truck. I fixed the washer with the help of a YouTube video. My aunt Barbara came to the rescue with the computer that I needed. It took me a little more than a week to set up the new computer. I am now ready to get back to work. I am looking forward to releasing my first episode in a week or two. Yay!

Although I will readily admit that learning to animate has been and continues to be a challenge, I want to encourage anyone that would like to learn. I have found a lot of help on youtube. Here is the play list of instructional videos that I have compiled to further my own education.


Hello and welcome to  my website. I hope that  you enjoy following what I am doing in the studio. Usually, I have many projects going on at all times. I love to try new things and learning how to use mediums I have never implemented before. Recently, I have been working in a medium that I have been interested in since I was a child. I had always enjoyed animated films and series. A friend asked me to illustrate a book that his wife had written. When I was creating the story board I had a dream. The characters were moving. The project was telling me that this was not a book. It was a film. As if making this film was not already a big bite that I was likely to have a hard time chewing, I had a story growing in my head that I felt would make a good series. Now I had to learn how to make my visions happen.

I opted for the cut paper animation process and below I have posted some cell
Green Circle